With respect for Human Life and contribution to Social Welfare
Arlico Pharm

CEO Message

A company respecting of human life
and practicing to implement social welfare.

Thank you very much for your visiting Korea arlico Pharm.

Be sure that our sweat and sincerity will bring about the future of mankind and Today as well, Korea arlico Pharm is endeavoring for health and happiness of mankind as a "beautiful companion of silver life"

Produce products that are safe and reliable based on production facilities equipped with KGMP facilities, the product produced is distributed throughout the nation with specialized sales networks. and Our company produces and supply excellent medicines by production request from many other domestic pharmaceutical companies.

Also, We lead to various research and development of new medicines in the direction as opening Pangyo Research Institute and We will leap to become a leading company in the pharmaceutical industry by accelerating the development of medicines through natural product drugs with Korea Institute of Science and Technology(KIST) Gangneung Branch.

We will try to be the viable company based on the company's Ideology of 'Think Together', 'Work Together', 'Solve problem Together', 'Make worthwhile Together',

We truly appreciate yours as our valued customers, We hope your continued support and encouragement.

Thank you.

CEO Mr. Hang-gu Lee