With respect for Human Life and contribution to Social Welfare
Arlico Pharm

KGMP Factory

In 2008, Korea Arlico Pharm established state-of-art production lines of the 21st century with superior technical resources and met the world-class standards through strict compliance with KGMP (Korea Good Manufacturing Practice) in order to produce "higher quality" and "safer" products.

We are committed to provide reliable and safe products to promote respect for human life and social welfare.

Building Info
Item Area(m²)
Land 6,136
Building Area 2,385
Total Floor Area 7,425.8
GMP Remodeling Groundbreaking November 2007
GMP Remodeling Completion October 2008
building Component GMP B/D, Attached R&D Center, Maintenance Office, Facility Maintenance Office, Quality Control Office
Production Info
Category Type Number of Items
Drug Classification ETC 163
OTC 89
For Export 36
Dosage Forms for Internal Application Tablets 184
Hard Capsules 39
Soft Capsules 28
Ointments 18
Syrups 8
Solutions 2
Injections 4
Patch 5